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Vi+al Magazine

Editorial Design


Vi+al Magazine was the first part of my three part series exploring what people consider Vital in life. This processing and curation of the series took place in my Editorial Design studio class at Parsons New School of Design. 

The "+" sign in the title Vi+al represents the action of needing and wanting. The word vital, in the context of this magazine, represents the need of fashion and styling. The content correlates the need of fashion to better understand yourself. I believe fashion is a necessity to be happy and to understand yourself but the needs can range depending on the persona.

Vit@l Magazine was created based on team work from fellow NYC creatives. Our models, Laura Hanson and Liza Friga Cain, were styled by vital fashion designers to represent the need of models in the fashion industry to sell and personify the clothing. A short interview with Olivia Zosky shows the need of fashion styling to represent your uniqueness to others. Lastly, showing how America has used denim as a fashion staple for decades and how we represent denim today. Fashion is vital in more ways than one which you can read about in my magazine. So I ask, what do you consider vital about your wardrobe?


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