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Vital III

Editorial Design


Vital III Magazine was the last part of my three part series exploring what people consider Vital in life. This processing and curation of the series took place in my Editorial Design studio class at Parsons New School of Design. 

Vital III focuses on the music industry, but a juxtaposition towards design. The theme of this magazine is auditory illusion, the illusion of hearing where the listener hears either sounds which are not present in the stimulus, or "impossible" sounds. This plays out in design where most of the design is stylistically an "illusion". Content is about music differences, just how Kanye West was one of the first musicians to produce a whole song solely from the power of the human voice. 

Vital III was the closing magazine to a series about the vital in life. All of these notions about the vitals of fashion, home interiors, and music are true to what I live by. I believe that things in life will get scary and confusing but as long as your have these three vital aspects, you will be okay, So I ask, what do you consider vital in your life?


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