Brick & Portal

Email Newsletters

I worked for Brick & Portal as a graphic designer in terms of email designer, social media content, and marketing collateral. The emails I produced had to be fun, eccentric, and captivate all of our diverse readers. This involved a lot of research into what people needed and wanted in fashion and to produce emails that would speak to every one of those customers.

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Sample Sale 212

Email Newsletters

I managed, created a brand-Identity, and designed all the content for Sample Sale 212. This website was made to help busy fashion-savvy customers beat the line for New York’s best Sample Sales. One way of spreading the word was through our email newsletters showcasing the sales of the week, what we have in inventory from previous sales, and where and how to find these sales. We had a couple special emails go out regarding our Pop-Up shop we hosted in partnership with The Line; these emails were sent to over 4,000 from the start of the company.