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Is Ducky Ugly?

Illustration Design

Is Ducky Ugly was a rendition based off the classic children's book "The Ugly Duckling". The story and illustrations were crafted in a class called DERT, deep enhancement of reader technology, an elective at Parsons New School of Design. 

We produced re-designed novels to make literacy enticing for children. I was tasked with redesign the story but I took it a step farther and changed the whole story to combat and issue we have going on today. The acceptance of the trans-community.

The story is about a young boy who grew up in a foster home with no family to lean on and no friends to call his own. As he grew older he went on his own to find someone who would love him for who he was. After many challenges, he finds one person who helps him realize who he is. Read on to learn Ducky's fate.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to go but you put a unique contemporary spin to a classic. This book can really change the way’s kids see the world and I believe they all need to read this.
— Brooklyn graphic designer, Marcos Chavez

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