In Our Youth

Brand & Product Design

In Our Youth was my big and last project for my senior year capstone at Parsons New School of Design. This was a year long project that involved a lot of components which helped me get to my final product. An affordable and stylish teen subscription box. Therefore, girls ages 12-16 would receive an outfit styled by our revolving teen stylists, stickers, a postcard with fashion advice, and a shareable card.

This project challenged me in terms of audience, branding, and product design. I combated all of these challenged by hosting a campaign shoot with my chosen teen stylists and they were able to tell me about themselves which helped in the branding. The branding are all motifs I designed based off of the research on teen girls and the commentary of our stylists. This branding started with my guidelines and transformed into a website, Instagram account, and a series of products. I created postcards, shareable cards, stickers, mailing boxes, and shopping tags to bring in the design to emulate a company. 

I finished by physically making all four seasonal boxes (designed stickers for the motifs) with the seasonal outfits, postcards to represent the style and contents of the box, and I hand tagged everything with new branded tags. This project was the most challenging yet rewarding of all my assignments. I want to empower young girls #inmyyouth.


Where I started

Branding Guidlines

My Manifesto 

Campaign & Posters


The girls were asked to wear their favorite outfits to the shoot. By favorite, I mean an outfit that makes them feel beautiful and confident. I gave them the posters I made for them for the #Inmyyouth campaign I started for the girls to represent who they are in their youth. 


Box Design

Seasonal subscription boxes designed using custom stickers  


Each girl chose a season and with that season they chose their favorite outfits for the boxes. All while staying under a $20 price cap.

Designed Package Items

Each box gets custom stickers for the girls to use on their phones, notebooks, ect. Along with the post card each girl receives a shareable "compliment card" to share with a friend. No original tags were used, all the tags were recreated.

In Our Youth Box