Garden in Hell.jpg

A Garden In Hell

A Photography Magazine

A Garden In Hell was my first photography opportunity to style, edit, and direct. The photography and style directing was for an elective, Design Communications, at Parsons New School of Design. 

Diana Vreeland, past editor of Haper's Bazaar and Vogue, was my inspiration behind this photo-based magazine. The title is based off her NYC apartment in which she named "Garden in Hell" because of her ongoing red and floral motifs. Vreeland's eye for the unique, and search for the unique persona in each person, drove me to create a photo based magazine about girls and their personas.

Baylies Erickson; the hard working NYC socialite who's always on the move. Olivia Zosky; the Chanel wearing fashion enthusiast. Colleen Allen; the gallery hopping creative who is in search of the next big thing.